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Good Language Learners and their Characteristics #ELTchat Summary 23/05/2018

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This #ELTchat was created to review the knowledge gained from ‘good learner studies’ in the 80’s. From the word go, all the participants expressed objections as to the use of the term ‘good’ and suggested we use ‘effective’ – for the purposes of this summary, I shall leave the original title in place. This summary […]

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#ELTchat Playlist for May & June 2018

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                May 30th 2018 Topic     Based on a request by  Csilla Jaray-Benn @CsillaBenn who hopes to also introduce her trainee teachers to Twitter and hash tagged discussions:   Native and Non-Native Speaker Teachers.     Although we have held #ELTchats on some aspects of this topic in the […]

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