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#ELTchat Playlist for May & June 2018

                May 30th 2018 Topic     Based on a request by  Csilla Jaray-Benn @CsillaBenn who hopes to also introduce her trainee teachers to Twitter and hash tagged discussions:   Native and Non-Native Speaker Teachers.     Although we have held #ELTchats on some aspects of this topic in the…
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How will #Brexit affect the ELT industry? #ELTchat Summary 29/06/2016

by Marisa Constantinides 2 years ago How will #Brexit affect the ELT industry? #ELTchat on 29/06/2016 MarisaConstantinides@Marisa_C #ELtchat now – How will the Uk’s departure from the EU affect the EFL industry? 2 YEARS AGO Glenys Hanson@GlenysHanson Hi Marisa. I’m not directly concerned but sympathise with those who are. #ELTchat 2 YEARS AGO MarisaConstantinides@Marisa_C @GlenysHanson Hello Glenys – many…
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#ELTchat Playlist for February 2018

  This is Marisa_C, your DJ for the month of February!!!     For the next four weeks  I will be “spinning” the hottest teaching topics for #ELTchat Wednesdays – topics that’ll make you wanna dance (intellectually) and groove (reflectively) with your fellow teachers in the #ELTchat disco.   If you have a special request, just trot off to our  #ELTchat topics submission…
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Eltchat for 10th January 2018

Hello #ELTchatters and Happy New Year to you all. Come and Join us on Wednesday 10th January on twitter at 7 pm GMT Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Eltchat   This week’s topic will be: All the things that normally get swept under the carpet. Are you uncomfortable when Race, Cultural issues, Politics or…
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#ELTchat topic playlist for November 2017!

Hello #ELTchatters! If you haven’t read the announcement of some changes to how we choose topics for #ELTchat, have a look at a previous post.  Here, I will be posting the topics we will cover in following chats.   Please, keep suggesting topics on the #ELTchat topics submission form  1/11: Writing your first conference proposal: Dos and…
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#ELTchat Topic Playlist for October 2017

September saw the #ELTchat fires reignited with three great chats on building literacy skills, doing needs analysis, and taking a process approach to writing – all with YLs. Thanks to everyone who got involved coming back from summer!   Let’s keep the fire burning bright in October with the following four chat topics suggested by…
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#ELTchat is 7 years old!

Happy Birthday to all #ELTchatters new and old friends and followers of our weekly chat on twitter.   Here are some comments and wished from facebook posts and updates. I just made a blog post of these to keep them as a great souvenir and to show to new teachers who are reluctant to join,…
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#ELTchat is back – here is the playlist for September 2017

#ELTchat is back!! After a longish summer break, which, as most #ELTchatters know was not really a summer break but a chance to work even harder, as many of us do, here we are again!   Last Wednesday we had an informal get together on Twitter and some really great topics were suggested.   Since…
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DJ Matthew’s #ELTchat Topics for June/July 2017

For the next four weeks DJ Matthew Noble will be on the 1s and 2s “spinning” the hottest teaching topics for #ELTchat Wednesdays – topics that’ll make you wanna dance (intellectually) and groove (reflectively) with your fellow teachers in the #ELTchat disco. Of course, this DJ *does* consider requests, so please keep on keepin’ on suggesting topics on the #ELTchat…
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Topics for June 2017, from DJ Sue #ELTCHAT

Hello fellow #ELTChatters Welcome to my final offering as DJ for the moment . I hope to see lots of you around on twitter on Wednesday evening at 7PM BST Just remember the #ELTchat hashtag!     The topic under discussion will be: Times are changing. Are we, teachers, changing accordingly? How?