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What principles do you follow when you prepare your own teaching materials?

Transcript for January 5, 2011, 3 p.m. GMT 3:01 pm janetbianchini: Hi all from a cloudy Abruzzo – what is the #ELTchat topic today?? 3:01 pm europeaantje: @Fuertesun @SueAnnan #ELTchat topic is cats ??? 3:02 pm Marisa_C: Hello and welcomt to #ELTchat our topic is What principles do you follow when you prepare your own…
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#ELTchat January 5, 2011

What would you like to talk about in our next #ELTchat session? The top choice will be discussed at 9 p.m. GMT and the second choice at 3 p.m. GMT. Find your own local time for each chat here for 3 p.m. London time and here for 9 p.m. London time. This is our first…
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Propose a topic for the 1st 2011 #ELTchat on January 5th

On behalf of all the moderators on #ELTchat, Happy New Year everyone! We all took a short break last week but we have noticed some of you missing your Wednesday chats! Here is a new and fresh page for topics proposed for our next #ELTchat this coming Wednesday on January 5th. Two friends have found…
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Should ESL teachers learn a second/foreign language? Can this help us to become better teachers?

Transcript for December 22 – 9 p.m. GMT 9:00 pm sandymillin: RT @Marisa_C: #ELTchat for the next hour my tweets will be dedicated to our next topic – please join us for the last #ELTchat of the year 9:00 pm cecilialcoelho: #ELTchat for the next half hour my tweets will be dedicated to the last…
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How can we overcome teacher burnout?

Transcript from December 22 – 3 p.m. GMT All times are GMT 3:00 pm DahlD: RT @eshwaranv: #eltchat begins in 2 mins… Topic: How can we overcome teacher burnout? Be there! 3:00 pm ShellTerrell: My tweets for the next hour dedicated to #eltchat plz offer suggestions to avoid teacher burnout 3:00 pm Marisa_C: For the…
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#ELTchat – 22 December

What do you want to talk about in the next #ELTchat session? The top choice will be discussed at 3pm London time and the second choice at 9pm London time. Please remember this will be the last #ELTchat for 2010! We look forward to seeing you online!

ELTchats in Review -Topics, Soft Skills and more!

Interviews Last week’s interview is arriving somewhat late, with apologies to Janet Bianchini / @janetbianchini, who sat in front of a crackling fireplace while Marisa Constantinides / @Marisa_C asked her about teaching through topics and themes. Janet is a teacher and teacher trainer who lives in Abruzzo, Italy.   This week, @ShellTerrell talked to Erika…
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Christmas in the air! #ELTchat taking it easy for a week!

This Wednesday’s chats – December 22nd – will be our last for 2010. All moderators – @ShellTerrell @riberni @olafelch @englishraven & @Marisa_C – will be taking a short break for the Christmas festivities. We wish all our friends on Twitter an amazing Christmas and New Year and look forward to more great conversations with all…
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December 15 9p.m. GMT – What other materials do you use to supplement coursebooks?

9:00 pm Marisa_C: For the next hour my tweets will be dedicated to #ELTchat – please join in the conversation if you are a teacher! 9:00 pm ShellTerrell: @sabridv Yay! Hmm just follow along & reply to others #Eltchat 🙂 9:00 pm ShellTerrell: RT @Marisa_C: For the next hour my tweets will be dedicated to…
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December 15 at 3 p.m. GMT – What soft-skills does a teacher need?

3:00 pm Marisa_C: Welcome all to this edition of #ELTchat – let’s define our terms – agree with @bcnpaul 3:00 pm esolcourses: RT @bcnpaul1: could we maybe start by defining what ‘soft skills’ actually are in relation to teaching? #eltchat 3:00 pm esolcourses: IMO, soft skills in relation to teaching would include communication skills, ability…
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