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Native and Non-Native Speaker Teachers an #ELTchat Summary 30/05/2018

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This summary is posted rather late, possibly because it was in a new format which we tried to figure what to do with – but eventually we thought about it and decided why not post as is. After all, #ELTchat is responsive to its member requests and comments on what topic of ELT to cover, […]

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Teacher Talk #ELTchat Summary 06/06/2018

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“Teacher talk” is everything you say when you’re in the classroom.  There is a lot of research into the types and function of teacher talk and we have had two more chats about it – here they are:    Effective ways to minimize Teacher Talk Time and maximize Student Talk Time. Transcript Summary  If teachers talked less wouldn’t […]

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Good Language Learners and their Characteristics #ELTchat Summary 23/05/2018

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This #ELTchat was created to review the knowledge gained from ‘good learner studies’ in the 80’s. From the word go, all the participants expressed objections as to the use of the term ‘good’ and suggested we use ‘effective’ – for the purposes of this summary, I shall leave the original title in place. This summary […]

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How will #Brexit affect the ELT industry? #ELTchat Summary 29/06/2016

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by Marisa Constantinides 2 years ago How will #Brexit affect the ELT industry? #ELTchat on 29/06/2016 MarisaConstantinides@Marisa_C #ELtchat now – How will the Uk’s departure from the EU affect the EFL industry? 2 YEARS AGO Glenys Hanson@GlenysHanson Hi Marisa. I’m not directly concerned but sympathise with those who are. #ELTchat 2 YEARS AGO MarisaConstantinides@Marisa_C @GlenysHanson Hello Glenys – many […]

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DJ Matthew’s #ELTchat Topics for June/July 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 19:04 1 Comment

For the next four weeks DJ Matthew Noble will be on the 1s and 2s “spinning” the hottest teaching topics for #ELTchat Wednesdays – topics that’ll make you wanna dance (intellectually) and groove (reflectively) with your fellow teachers in the #ELTchat disco. Of course, this DJ *does* consider requests, so please keep on keepin’ on suggesting topics on the #ELTchat […]

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Encouraging Self-Directed Learning #ELTchat Summary 22/03/2017

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This summary was contributed by Rachel Appleby and was taken from her blog here            Participants:     @fwalkerbcn@fionaljp @rapple18 @EdTechTV@GlenysHanson @Nafooh1988@TESOLacademic@faleh_muhammad @Marisa_C  [@SueAnnan in the background; missed, thanks to technology …  @angelos_bollas ] [Image from]      This week’s topic was an area proposed by @ElleninEdmonton and @Nafooh1988       Preamble …   […]

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Classroom Observations – how to use best to improve our teaching -Summary of #ELTchat on February 15th, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017 16:15 2 Comments

This is a brief summary (mostly a glorified cleaned up transcript) of the #ELTchat on February 15th, 2017 Summary contributed by Mathew Noble on his blog – reproduced here with his kind permission or so we hope…. ~ : ~     The February 16th #ELTchat was on the topic “classroom observations and how we can […]

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#ELTchat Summary The Best 2.0 Tools for Speaking Skills on 15 March 2017

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Fiona Price, or @fionaljp on Twitter summarised and displayed the apps and tools mentioned in this talk very creatively!!!   Our mission was to explore the best tools for developing speaking skills and here are examples of what was mentioned along with some of the key tweets! Thank you FIona! Introduction with Tellagami  A very […]

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How to deal with native students in an EFL classroom #ELTchat on 22/02/2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 14:33 1 Comment

    It happens that in countries such as Spain there are expat British/Irish/American students who attend to state schools and they have EFL lessons. Of course it’d be better if during that period they attended some other lesson, but sadly this doesn’t happen too often. So Some teachers make these students help them, as […]

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How to deal with reading tasks in an active and entertaining way #ELTChat summary 11/01/17

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For the first #ELTChat of 2017, we discussed the topic: “How to deal with reading tasks in an active and entertaining way”.   Some ideas:   fionaljp suggested doing webquests and shared the link to one stop English’s page which has topic-based webquests for teens including Shakespeare, Chinese New Year and La Tomatina.  MConca16 added […]

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