This week sees the introduction of a new feature to the podcast.  We are reporting from the ELTAM conference in Macedonia and will in future include reports from as many conferences as we can.  If you are attending a conference and would like to record a short piece then get in contact with us at the email address below and we will lend a hand.


The Twitter discussions this week focused on two key areas of teaching – grammar, and culture.  Both sessions provided a lively and informative exchange.  Shelly spoke to Martin Sketchley about grammar teaching and he filled us in on his experiences and added some useful information about the Lexical Approach.


After the second session Marisa talked to Beyza Yilmaz and she highlighted the key points of the session and illustrated them with stories from her own classroom.


There is also news about upcoming developments in the ELTchat Podcast, but for those you will have to listen in!


Happy listening!