This week’s ELTchat took in both the old and the new – we looked at traditional approaches to teaching and asked if they have all been superseeded, and we looked at the (relatively) new phenomena of social media and looked at its role in the classroom.

The session on traditional approaches showed that people have really given the subject some thought and afterwards Marisa spoke to Jeremy Harmer, expanded on the tweets he made during the session and illuminated that with examples drawn from his experience in the field.


The later session looked at the role social media, and particularly chat rooms, in teaching and asked if it could benefit the learner.  The conversation swung between some skepticism and utter conviction of the the benefits.  After the session, Shelly spoke to Tara Benwell and our moderator Berni Wall, both of whom have extensive experience of using social media in teaching and were generous enough to share their views with us.


Our Blog Post of the Week is by Gavin Dudeney and takes a clear stance on plagiarism. The post has some surprises in store and we encourage all our listeners to read here and comment on it, either on the blog itself or on Twitter.


Our Tool Tip of the Week is the Twitter hashtag #eltpics – a great way to find and share pictures that you can use in the ELT classroom.  There are also lots available on Flickr here.


Finally, Ceri Jones fills us in on a conference in Seville which she attended at the weekend.


Happy listening!