November 2011 



TESOL France came and went and its measure of success is in the conversations that are still going on, in the blog posts inspired by it and the many photos which are still being shared on Facebook and Twitter!


#ELTchat followers had a very strong presence with first and foremost the President of TESOL France herself, Bethany Cagnol! Congratulations to her and her fabulous team are due!


TESOL France gave many #ELTchatters one more wonderful opportunity to gather together, to share their ideas, present their own or go to each other’s talks, and connect in a way different to how they connect on Twitter in general and, more specifically, on #ELTchat every Wednesday!


And we did have a lot of fun too!


There is something great in the feelings of friendship and closeness which a medium such as Twitter has brought to this community of passionate ELT educators.


Here are some of them on video. On the spur of the moment, I asked Sandy Millin if she would do them and she truly did a brillliant job with her fabulous iPad managing to get all these friends in front of her camera for a quick word!


There were many more there! Antonia Clare, Julie Raikou, Arjana Blazic, Vladka Michalkova, Chuck Sandy, Mike Harrison, Luke Meddings, Brad Patterson and Sue Annan! Have I missed anyone? Please let me know. And please send your own video to add to this great mosaic of a PLN!


We hope that next year those of you who couldn’t make it this time round, will be there too, and whether we meet you at TESOL France or IATEFL Glasgow, or any other great conference or get together of teachers,  it will always feel like meeting old friends.


Marisa Constantinides – @Marisa_C


Shelly Terrell

Cecilia Lemos
Elizabeth Anne

Ceri Jones
Willy Cardoso

James Taylor   @theteacherjames
Anna Musielak
Steve Muir
Vicky Loras

Milada Krajewska
Sandy Millin

Marisa Constantinides

And here is the famous #ELTchat gentlemen act on karaoke night

@harrisonmike @bradpatterson