As part of our birthday celebrations and to tie in with the recent #eltchat on Reading aloud,  Marisa Constantinides (@Marisa_C)  interviewed Ken Wilson  (@kenwilsonlondon), a well-known ELT author and conference speaker as someone who has been vocal on the topic. You might be interested in reading his blog post Reading Aloud is a Complete Waste of Time – Discuss… too.


The interview is divided into four parts; in the first two, Ken Wilson talks about reading aloud, and in parts 3 and 4, he talks about motivating students in reading lessons (which was our second #ELTchat topic on our recent #ELTchat). Apologies from Marisa for abrupt cut off points; it was all done by You Tube video editor 🙂


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A few words about our guest


Ken Wilson is a teacher trainer, an author of ELT materials and until 2002, he was artistic director of the English Teaching Theatre. He has written many different coursebooks, his latest two being  Smart Choice (Oxford University Press) and Just Right Advanced (with Jeremy Harmer, Carol Lethaby and Ana Acevedo):  Marshall Cavendish (now part of Cengage).  In 2008, OUP also published Drama and Improvisation, a compilation of about 75 of his drama activities. Ken is a frequent keynote speaker at ELT conferences and usually gives workshops on using music and drama.