This is a summary of the 1200 PM BST #ELTchat held on May 5, 2013. The topic of the chat was inspired by two IATEFL sessions The ELTJ Debate (a debate about whether coursebooks reflect students’ lives and needs with Scott Thornbury vs Catherine Walters) and The decline and fall of coursebooks (a talk by Simon Greenall).


N.B. (On 10.01.2016)


Unfortunately IATEFL has taken these recordings down – best read the blog posts suggested below


You can also read Scott and Catherine‘s follow up blog posts.


After the staid and dry way in which I wrote my first summary, I thought I’d try something different. What better way to summarize a great rambling chat like this than with a rambling infographic. The summary can also be downloaded as a PDF in case you need to copy any text.









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