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How can we focus language teaching more at discourse level rather than sentence level? #ELTchat Summary 04/01/2012

Friday, February 17, 2012 17:32 No Comments

Somewhat delayed, this is a double-barrel summary where two different #ELTchatters contributed at different times. The first one was kindly contributed by Patrick Andrews alias @PatrickAndrews  and the second one by David Pietre alias @tefkgeek on his blog TEFLGEEK! Thanks Patrick and David!!! Summary 1 by Patrick Andrews The discussion started with definitions of discourse.   @MarisaC […]

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Non Native English Speaker Teachers and their insecurities about teaching a language which is not their mother tongue #ELTchat summary 27/04/2011

Friday, April 29, 2011 14:13 2 Comments

On 27 April at 9pm BST, #ELTchat tackled the topic ‘Non-native teachers of English and their insecurities about teaching a language that is not their mother tongue!’ This was the favourite topic this #ELTchat with 36% of the vote. This summary was first posted on Mike Harrison’s blog – @harrisonmike on Twitter – and it is reproduced […]

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How do you approach teaching one-to-one lessons? Share strategies, tips, techniques #ELTchat Summary 16/02/2011

Friday, February 18, 2011 19:06 3 Comments

Here is the summary for the second #ELTchat on 16.02.11 written by Ceri Jones (@cerirhiannon on Twitter) on her blog and reproduced here with her permission – Many thanks Ceri!   #eltchat summary – teaching one-to-one   This week’s eltchat session at 9pm was about strategies, tips and techniques for approaching one-to-one classes.  As always it was a […]

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ELTchat Review – Fluency and Teaching Qualifications

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 13:07 3 Comments

This week we look at the importance of fluency in the classroom – where does it come in and how should we approach it.  Vytheeshwaran gave us some feedback from India on the session and Guido in Spain added his views.  In the second session, Graham Stanley talked to us about teaching qualifications and gave […]

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