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Experimenting with Alternative Approaches, Practices and Methods #ELTchat Summary 19/04/2015

Experimenting with Alternative Approaches, Practices and Methods   This summary was contributed by Anthony Ash – @Ashowski  on twitter The Summary Although I wasn’t able to participate in this chat directly, the moderators kindly allowed me to write the summary, which meant I had the opportunity to experience the idea exchange, albeit post chattum.   The […]

The Grammar Teachers Ought to Know and Often Don’t #ELTchat Summary 25/07/2012

This summary was written by Elizabeth Anne – @eannegrenoble on Twitter and is copied here from her blog with her kind permission   Summary Although our dear moderators did try to nudge us towards the specific grammar points implied in the title of this week’s ELTchat – no one would go there and this evening’s […]

How important is Creativity in the Classroom? #ELTchat Summary 10/10/2012

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who chose this topic…my topic  I have regularly suggested topic over the last year or so but this was the first one that people actually selected (and as the first choice) so thank you very much. Right on with the summary. This choice was inspired by two articles […]