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Strategies for a New Course – an #ELTChat Summary 12/09/2013

Strategies for a New Course – an #ELTChat Summary The summary was contributed by David Petrie – @teflgeek on Twitter – on his blog  and is reproduced here with his kind permission  Like the cuckoo heralding spring, the first #ELTChat of the year has arrived.  As many teachers around the world are getting ready for their first lessons with […]

Dogme & Formal Assessment – the Odd Couple #ELTchat Summary 09/11/2011

This summary was contributed by Davied Petrie, alias @teflgeek and was first posted on his blog. It is reproduced here with his permission Thanks, David!!!    The original topic was  “Reconciling dogme and an unplugged approach with situations where formal assessment plays a key role in student motivation”, rather long for a blog post title, […]

How can we make writing more stimulating for our students? Summary of #ELTchat 19/10/2011

This summary was contributed by @yitzha_sarwono  On Wednesday evening October 19th 2011, many ELT enthusiasts joined t #eltchat to share ideas, connect and engage in this topic about how to motivate writing activities in class. Our moderators were Marisa Constantinides (@Marisa_C), Barbara Sakamoto (@barbsaka) and Bernadette Wall (@rliberni) . These three lovely ladies led all the […]

How can we keep our learners engaged in receptive skills lessons? #ELTchat Summary 21/09/11

Summary contributed by Antonia Clare – @antoniaclare on Twitter – Many thanks from all #ELTchat followers!   Having established first of all that receptive skills = listening and reading, the first issue debated was whether it is really appropriate to bunch the two skills together (as they actually require different approaches).  However, it was decided […]

How can we Persuade Students What is Realistic for their Level #ELTchat Summary 31/08/2011

This is the summary of the #ELTchat on 31st of August 20111 12:00 P.M. BST   Moderators for this chat were @Marisa_C, @barbsaka (who had trouble with Tweetdeck and whose attention/attendance was therefore intermittent), and @esolcourses (guesting – much to the relief of @Marisa_C, in view of @barbsaka’s problems). Introduction   This was widely agreed […]

ELTchat Review – Measuring oral improvement and dealing with shy students

This week the chat sessions focused on two tough subjects – the most popular topic in the poll was how to deal with quiet or shy students. This is obviously a critical area in language learning as any reluctance to speak is going to have a major effect on progress.  Cecilia Coelho joined us with […]

The Shelly Terrell Interview on the first ELTchat

From the next ELTchat we intend to bring you a summary in the form of a podcast.  There was just a bit too much going on to get it up and running for the first event, but from now on you will be able to listen to the key points being discussed every week just […]