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CPD in the Age of the Internet: an #ELT Chat Summary 21/05/2014

The full text of the topic was:  Continued Professional Development in the Age of the Internet: who? what? why? when? The aim of the chat would be to look at how teachers continue their professional develop via online means as opposed to face-to-face courses and should question how this done, through what means, is it […]

Strategies for a New Course – an #ELTChat Summary 12/09/2013

Strategies for a New Course – an #ELTChat Summary The summary was contributed by David Petrie – @teflgeek on Twitter – on his blog  and is reproduced here with his kind permission  Like the cuckoo heralding spring, the first #ELTChat of the year has arrived.  As many teachers around the world are getting ready for their first lessons with […]

How are you going to grow this year? #ELTchat Summary 09/01/2013

This #ELTchat summary was contributed by Rose Bard and is reproduced here from her blog with her kind permission  _____________________________________________________ I’m so glad that I finally attended  #ELTChat and also happy because the topic is related to Professional Development (PD) as it has been actually closely related to one of my new year resolution – to learn […]

If Teachers Talked Less…. #ELTchat Summary 31/10/2012

This post was first published on Sharon Noseley’s brand new blog!!! It is reproduced here with her kind permission  Welcome to the blogosphere, Sharon!!!  The full title of the #ELTchat was  “If teachers talked less wouldn’t students speak English more?”   Summary To launch my blog, I have shared a copy of the #ELTchat summary […]

How important is Creativity in the Classroom? #ELTchat Summary 10/10/2012

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who chose this topic…my topic  I have regularly suggested topic over the last year or so but this was the first one that people actually selected (and as the first choice) so thank you very much. Right on with the summary. This choice was inspired by two articles […]

What Makes a Good Teacher Trainer? #ELTchat Summary 26/94/2012

  ELTCHAT SUMMARY: WHAT MAKES A GOOD TEACHER TRAINER? (26 SEPTEMBER 2012 9PM GMT) first published on Anthony Gaughan’s blog and reposted here with his kind permission   This is a summary of an ELTChat for the benefit of the #ELTChat community What do you get when you pose a question like this to a bunch […]