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What is #ELTchat?

#ELTchat is a hashtag created in 2010 by a group of ELT colleagues who saw the potential in twitter conversations and information sharing. It is a freely available social network for ELT professionals offering mutual support and opportunities for Continuous Professional Development..

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How to Join an #ELTchat

 There’s an official #ELTChat Twitter account which you can follow (and you should) to see part of the conversation and keep on top of the blog, but to be able to see all of discussion going on you need to follow the hashtag.

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The ELTchat podcast contains all the latest news from the world of English Language Teaching. Made by teachers, for teachers, it will keep you up to date with everything that is going on in ELT, concentrating on our weekly Twitter chat, #ELTchat.

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We have been engaging teachers in meaningful discussions since 2010

#ELTchat was a finalist in the 2012 ELTons Awards!

In the Innovation in Teacher Resources category

We have some great resources for practising teachers

Since 2010, we have been connecting and discussing a very large number of topics, most of them suggested by our members. All these discussions are collected and summarised by our members. Today, #ELTchat has a great number of summaries with ideas for best classroom practices which are consulted by hundreds of teachers every day.


Our summaries contain ideas and experiences shared by teachers from around the world and interesting leads to tech tools and applications the can make a teacher’s life easier. They are regularly referred to by many teacher trainers as great sources of inspiration and ideas.


The #ELTchat hashtagged discussion on twitter is the first one which involved ELT/EFL/ESL teachers and their problems. It has begome a regular global staffroom for many teachers who have little other contact with colleagues in their loac context.


#ELTchat has been a medium connecting people for a very long time, encouraging the sharing or experiences and ideas – which, by the way, we all believe is the best way to learn. Many #ELTchat members will testify to the fact that these connections have been key in their professional development and have even made some great collaborations and postings possible for them!


We connect both active #ELTchat Twitter users as well as the larger ELT community of teachers who, for some reason, are not so willing to venture out to Twitter!! Find us on Facebook and ask to join for some great shares and exchange of ideas and, of course, links to all our summaries and discussion topics.


The Secret of our Success

Many ELT communities come and go. #ELTchat has remained in place for more than most and still manages to be fresh, innovative and welcoming to colleagues new and experienced from around the world. Here are some elements that have kept us going.


We are passionate and committed to serving our community of peers. #ELTchat moderators are typically experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have


#ELTchatters always feel welcomed and supported and are given voice and space to suggest, share and discuss ideas offered even by very experienced colleagues.


Our summaries page contains a few hundred gems!!! All the summaries are enriched by the variety of contributors and their creativity and willingness to share best practices from their own background and their own teaching experiences.


Apart from our Twitter timeline, there a large ELT community of #ELTchat followers on Facebook, our wiki and, of course, our blog itself!!! 
We connect on all these platforms and are committed to helping and supporting one another. 

People and moments in our story

Here are some snapshots shared, photos of #ELTchat regulars, friends and colleagues who share and enrich us

Our Star bloggers

These are bloggers who have contributed more than 15-16 summaries of #ELTchats to our blog! They are true stars and we celebrate their contributions on this page.

Sue Annan is our first Golden Medal Blogger attesting to her dedication and devotion to #ELTchat and to making a positive contribution to the ELT community.  Sue is one of the current team of moderators. 

Sue Annan

Gold Medal #ELTchat Blogger

Phil Longwell has been an #ELTchat summary writer and participant for almost as long as the chat has been in existence and recently gained his ‘wings’ by writing his 16th summary of an #ELTchat on Project Based Learning.

Phil Longwell

Gold Medal #ELTchat Blogger

An EFL teacher and traveller, currently taking a break from teaching to see more of this wonderful world of ours. Together with husband, Mark, I try to enjoy every single day.

Andrea Wade

Gold Medal #ELTchat Blogger

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Our Team of Moderators

There are four moderators currently working on #ELTchat and they will be added soon just in case you thought we all looked as good as these people

Sue Annan


Angelos Bollas


Marisa Constantinides


Fiona Price


Latest Blog Posts

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