What would you like to talk about on Wednesday 09/03/2011?

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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday 09/03/2011?


#ELTchat a major resource for ELT teachers

It’s fantastic to see how #ELTchat is fast becoming more than just an online conversation, stimulating its participants, energising them and motivating their teaching with new ideas but then quickly forgotten because it’s difficult to organise all the links and tweets into a sensible whole.

Congratulations and kudos to the many colleagues who have offered to write up the summaries from the transcripts each time.

Thanks to them, this website is becoming a major resource and repository of ideas, practical tips and techniques and links to great websites and tools available on the web.

The ELT community is proving itself to be great at sharing and collaborating!

To access the summaries, simply click on the “Summaries” category on the side bar of this blog. We are currently trying to build a wiki where all the summaries and transcripts will be saved and will be accessed from a central directory page to make them easier to find, thanks to @ShaunWilden who has been organising this and getting it ready for you to use.

Propose topics for our next #ELTchat

Please post your topics for our next #ELTchat on Wednesday, March 9.

Top choice will be discussed at  21:00 PM. GMT & 2nd choice at  12:00 PM. GMT

Each week we alternate top and second choice.

Find your own local time for each chat here for 12:00 London time and here for 21:00 London time.

Please, include topics which

  • have not been covered already in previous #ELTchats
  • are relevant to ELT teachers and teaching foreign languages
  • are not targeted attacks on individuals or institutions
  • are simply and clearly expressed.

The #ELTchat moderators reserve the right not to post comments or to include them in the poll if they do not follow the above guidelines.

12 Responses

  1. Danielle Tavares says:

    We could talk about social inclusion. Having a blind or deaf student in class for example. How to cope with it.

  2. DavidD says:

    Following on from Cecilia’s recent blog challenge:

    What makes a good lesson plan?

  3. sue annan says:

    How can we best help burnt-out colleagues? How do we help them get their enthusiasm back?

  4. Sandy Millin says:

    How do you use realia in class?

  5. Anna Pires says:

    How to motivate teenagers to extend their ideas in speaking activities, going beyond the “I agree” or ” I disagree”.

  6. Fiona M says:

    How do you approach listening skills, especially in an L1 context?

  7. Flattered bu David’s suggestion, I’d love that 🙂 Lesson plans would be an interesting topic… But just in case, here’s another one: how to handle school requirements/content to be covered X what you feel the students’need?

  8. All great suggestions above, can’t really make up my mind which one would be the best. Anyway, here’s a few, though they might have been covered already:
    – Benefits of drama activities
    – Stategies / Practical Tips for reducing lesson planning time
    – Live listening – why, when, how?

  9. Guido says:

    still looking for topics? here´s my suggestion:
    Which classroom management techniques do you use?

  10. Following on from Sue’s suggestion…
    How to encourage sharing and support in the staffroom and beyond to prevent teacher burnout

    (thinking of ideas like opening teachers’ eyes to great support of a PLN via social networking, sharing links to free resources available on the Internet …)

  11. BobK99 says:

    To add to Danielle’s idea: dyslexia.

  12. sharon noseley says:

    I agree with discussing ss with dyslexia and other difficulties..how to mark their work and the fact most examination boards do not offer oral examinations just extra time..waste of time for a child with dyslexia…
    or, social cultural issues and discourse like politeness..from the teacher as a model to coursebook coverage and importance of politeness,
    or, similar theme to above mentioned topics..when you have to finish the coursebook but realise your ss are not getting it..slow down or do as boss says??

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