What would you like to talk about on Wednesday 30/03/2011?

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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday 30/03/2011?

Hi everyone,


This weekend has been full of the Virtual Round Table Conference. Two of our moderators, Shelly Terrell and Berni Wall are members of the organising team. The Conference ends today but there are dozens of recordings of sessions which are available for viewing even if were not able to attend. Click on the image below to view the programme and join this community.


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Propose topics for our next #ELTchat


Please post your topics for our next #ELTchat on Wednesday, March 30.


Top choice will be discussed at  12:00 PM. GMT & 2nd choice at  21:00 PM. GMT


Each week we alternate top and second choice.


Find your own local time for each chat here for 12:00 London timeand here for 21:00 London time.


Please, include topics which

  • have not been covered already in previous #ELTchats
  • are relevant to ELT teachers and teaching foreign languages
  • are not targeted attacks on individuals or institutions
  • are simply and clearly expressed.


The #ELTchat moderators reserve the right not to post comments or to include them in the poll if they do not follow the above guidelines.


#ELTchat – Two new discussion topics every Wednesday!

Poll for Wednesday 30/03/2011


14 Responses

  1. Ty Kendall says:

    How about the following topic:
    Is it time to bring PARSNIPS in from the cold? (Into the classroom, into coursebooks etc)
    (PARSNIPS, Politics, Alcohol, Religion, Sex, Narcotics, Isms & Pork).

  2. Ty Kendall says:

    Parsnips…continued….and how can they be tactifully approached in ELT?

  3. HI Ty, I;m afraid we’ve covered this – have a look at the transcripts index – it’s the top one:

    Addressing taboo subjects in the ELT classroom 2010/10/06

    No one has done a summary though and since you are interested, perhaps you might offer?


  4. Anne Sinclair says:


    How about :

    Mobile learning: using mobile devices in the classroom.


  5. What is the best way of using pictures in class?

    Is ELT Methodology dead?

    Cuisenaire rods: is it useful for learners?

    My contribution this week.

  6. Adam says:

    How much of what you teach is you and how much of it is the resources you use?

  7. Angie says:

    Learner autonomy – teaching learners to learn…how do you go about learner training, what is effective?

  8. Sandy Millin says:

    I’ll repeat my topic from last week:
    Is spelling important? And if it is, how should we teach it?

  9. Ola Bakri says:

    Teacher’s bad hand writing and board organization, can they affect students’ learning?

  10. Carol says:

    I’d really like to discuss the topic suggested by Josh Round last week about how best to deal with groups where, because of shift patterns, continuous enrollment, etc the students you have one week will not be the same the next. How do you deal with & plan for ever changing groups of students?

  11. Fiona M says:

    Can you rescue some of the ‘came in third’ topics from previous votes? There have been some pretty close finishes recently.
    I like the pictures topic above. Or how to make teaching the passive skills more active and interactive.

  12. Lesley says:

    I’m for bringing up some that missed out recently for another vote:
    Sandy’s topic from last week: Is spelling important? And if it is, how should we teach it?
    and Josh & Carol’s suggestion (see above) about continuous enrolment.

  13. Lesley says:

    One of these options “How do you go about learner training – teaching learners how to learn and how to be autonomous – what is effective?”

    looks a lot like one from a few weeks ago:

    A lot of that discussion was about training learners how to learn as well as be autonomous. If that gets up again this week, would be good to direct people to the summary so we can add to previous discussion rather than duplicate it!

  14. Good point Lesley – Sandy made it as well on Twitter – but big topic area and this time we can focus on more specific areas

    Will send transcript or summary before chat if this gets top vote


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