Month: April 2011

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How do you use mobile devices in the classroom? Tips, apps & best practices #ELTchat Summary 30/04/2011

ELT Chat Summary – 30th April       Introduction   This was the initial question for the evening’s discussion, although there was some debate about the definition of mobile devices. Some people suggested digital cameras, laptops, tablets – there are also dictophones and digital video cameras. This definition question was never really concluded but…
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Non Native English Speaker Teachers and their insecurities about teaching a language which is not their mother tongue #ELTchat summary 27/04/2011

On 27 April at 9pm BST, #ELTchat tackled the topic ‘Non-native teachers of English and their insecurities about teaching a language that is not their mother tongue!’ This was the favourite topic this #ELTchat with 36% of the vote. This summary was first posted on Mike Harrison’s blog – @harrisonmike on Twitter – and it is reproduced…
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Is CLIL the latest bandwagon and should we be wary of jumping on? #ELTCHAT summary 13/04/2011

Ty is   @TyKendall on Twitter and this summary was first posted on his blog “Not another teaching Blog“ Summary   Perhaps one of the more unusual ELT chats in that nobody seemed to agree on anything, we were unable to reach a consensus on a satisfactory conceptual definition and the effects of IATEFL were felt…
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How can participants at conferences best ensure that what they learn lives on and spreads? #ELTchat Summary 06/04/2011

This is a summary of the 9pm BST #eltchat on Twitter from Wednesday 6th April 2011. It was contributed by Sandy Millin; it first appeared on her blog with the title “Conferences: Spreading the Love” and is reproduced here with her permission. Thank you  very much Sandy!!!!   Conferences: Spreading the Love   The chat…
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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday April 13?

Propose topics for our next #ELTchat Please post your topics for our next #ELTchat on Wednesday, April 13. Top choice will be discussed at  12:00 PM. & 2nd choice at  21:00 PM.  All times are London times. Please click on the links to find your own local time for each chat. Each week we alternate…
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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday April 6 2011

This week, many of the teachers participating in #ELTchat are attending the ISTEK Schools 2nd Annual Conference. These very lines are being written inside the auditorium while listening to Professor Jack Richard’s excellent talk on key competencies and skills for English Language teachers – seated beween Scott Thornbury who will be giving the closing Plenary…
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