What would you like to talk about on May 4th?

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What would you like to talk about on May 4th?

Propose topics for our next #ELTchat

Please post your topics for our next #ELTchat on Wednesday, May 4th. Suggestions from last week will automatically be added to this week’s poll but is there anything else that you think might make a good topic for Wednesday’s chat?

Top choice will be discussed at 12:00 PM & 2nd choice at 21:00 PM. All times are London times. Please click on the links to find your own local time for each chat.

Each week we alternate top and second choice.

Announcement – Request

Since we started #ELTchat last September, we have discussed a wide number of topics, but with many new members joining our conversations every week, it is very natural that we will get requests for topics which we “have done”.

Before you propose a topic, do please check the transcripts index on this blog or go to the #ELTchat wiki and click on the Transcripts or Summaries Links to see what has been covered so far. If you see your topic but would still like to discuss a different aspect or set of issues, do submit it and we will consider including it again!

After all, we should not thinking that one hour’s unstructured conversation can cover any topic fully!

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13 Responses

  1. Should online learning be free, or are learners motivated to learn more when they have to pay?

  2. Ok, I’ll start the ball rolling

    What are your killer tips and tricks in and around the classroom? Lessons, activities, projects, classroom management; let’s have the best of the best!

  3. Ola Bakri says:

    Do you stand all the time while teaching? Do you feel if you sit down that students would not get the information and it’s better to stand all the time? If you are so… how can we sit down and benefit students?

  4. pjgallantry says:

    why do so many adult students only reach an ‘intermediate’ level of English? Is it because they cannot progress or don’t want to progress? Is there some kind of barrier between effective communication and fluent communication? Is it because they have ‘just enough’ English to cope and can’t see any point in progressing?

  5. HelpmyEnglish says:

    How can we balance a full and busy teaching week with our professional development as teachers?

  6. Possibly a niche topic, more serious than my last:

    How do you deal with students that have a low level of literacy (or who may even be pre-literate) in their first language? If you have never taught in this context, how do you think you would have to adapt your approach?

  7. Adam says:

    What have been the great innovations in ELT over the past 25 years and how have they impacted on the profession?

  8. Prix says:

    How much do you trust non-communicative methods? Or how much of the ‘old’ methods do you apply in your teaching?

  9. Leahn says:

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using rewards such as stickers with YLs? Are stickers and prizes valid tools for motivating our students, or are they equally as bad as the “stick”?

    I’ve just finished reading Alfie kohn’s book and I’m really confused!

  10. I really liked Mike’s ‘killer tips and tricks ‘ suggestion. We can have a great bank that way.

  11. @Priscilla, we have already discussed traditional methods in a previous chat, transcript here


  12. Prix says:

    @Marisa!!!! Great!!! Just what I was looking for… Thx! =)

  13. These probably been done before but for next week/week after, what about something like

    Are EdTech teachers really just forgetting about the Pedagogy?

    What is a and why should we use it: an Andragogical approach to teaching adult learners

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