What would you like to talk about on May 11 2011?

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What would you like to talk about on May 11 2011?

Propose topics for our next #ELTchat


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Please post your topics for our next #ELTchat on Wednesday, May 4th. Suggestions from last week will automatically be added to this week’s poll but is there anything else that you think might make a good topic for Wednesday’s chat?

Top choice will be discussed at 21:00 PM & 2nd choice at 12:00 PM. All times are London times. Please click on the links to find your own local time for each chat.

Each week we alternate top and second choice.

How to choose topics for #ELTchat Discussions


Since we started #ELTchat last September, we have discussed a wide number of topics, but with many new members joining our conversations every week, it is very natural that we will get requests for topics which we “have done”.

Before you propose a topic, do please check the transcripts index on this blog or go to the #ELTchat wiki and click on the Transcriptsor Summaries Links to see what has been covered so far. If you see your topic but would still like to discuss a different aspect or set of issues, do submit it and we will consider including it again!

After all, we should not thinking that one hour’s unstructured conversation can cover any topic fully!


12 Responses

  1. Ceri says:

    narrowing down the tech discussion a little, I’d like to propose discussing what the essential elements are/should be in introducing trainees to the uses of technology in the language classroom on an initial training course … mmm, a bit wordy!
    What about: what do pre-service teachers need to know about edtech issues in the language classroom? – or words to that effect!

  2. Good question, Ceri, and one we are addresssing right now on our CELTA and Cert TEFL courses.

  3. James Taylor says:

    1) Extensive reading: Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Opinions, experiences and advice on ER.

    2) Technology in the classroom: Is now the time to put this debate to bed? (maybe similar to Karenne’s?)

  4. LizziePinard says:

    How about, “How to avoid death by course books?” suggestions and advice for teachers stuck in a very regimented teaching situation who want to avoid becoming course book drones. Or something along those lines. …Or is that just me 😉

  5. Mike says:

    Killer tips and tricks: your best lessons, activities, games, ideas, etc.

  6. SueAnnan says:

    Ideas for how to negotiate a syllabus with our students, with a rolling programme.

  7. How about differentiated teaching? Or how we deal with differences of all kinds in our classrooms. I hope to write my dissertation on this topic so a great ELTChat would really help

  8. Teaching mixed level conversation classes – tips and strategies

    Probably ought to declare a vested interest here, as I’ll doing this in a few week’s time!

  9. Choreanne Frei says:

    I’m with Sue, teaching mixed-level conversation classes would be great!

  10. Mona Salem says:

    How to be a good online teacher?

  11. Good lord! There are so many interesting topics here. I won’t add any now, because I’d like to discuss all of them.

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