Month: October 2011

A PLN for ELT Professionals

How can we make writing more stimulating for our students? Summary of #ELTchat 19/10/2011

This summary was contributed by @yitzha_sarwono  On Wednesday evening October 19th 2011, many ELT enthusiasts joined t #eltchat to share ideas, connect and engage in this topic about how to motivate writing activities in class. Our moderators were Marisa Constantinides (@Marisa_C), Barbara Sakamoto (@barbsaka) and Bernadette Wall (@rliberni) . These three lovely ladies led all the…
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Learning strategies and how best to make learners aware of them – #ELTchat Summary 19/10/2011

  This week’s summary is contributed by Edith Occelli, @EdithOccelli on Twitter. October 19th’s ELTChat nighttime session was all about learning strategies: What are they? and how can we best make learners aware of them? As usual, the discussion followed several interesting strands. Here is my attempt at weaving them all together ^^ The session started…
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Interview with Ken Wilson

As part of our birthday celebrations and to tie in with the recent #eltchat on Reading aloud,  Marisa Constantinides (@Marisa_C)  interviewed Ken Wilson  (@kenwilsonlondon), a well-known ELT author and conference speaker as someone who has been vocal on the topic. You might be interested in reading his blog post Reading Aloud is a Complete Waste of…
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