E-portfolios for students and teachers – #ELTChat summary 26/10/2011

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E-portfolios for students and teachers – #ELTChat summary 26/10/2011

E-portfolio for students and teachers – #ELTChat summary 26/10/2011 – Summary contributed by Yitzha Sarwono and is reposted here with her kind permission. Many thanks to Yitzha for her great summary.


How can we create them for learners’ and make the most of them for their own CPD


This Wednesday 26/10/2011 #ELTChat was moderated by Shaun wilden (@shaunwilden) , Bernadette Wall (@rliberni) and Marisa Constatinides (@Marisa_C) . And the topic was E-Portfolios. Many of the participants – including myself – were very excited to learn more about this topic.

An electronic portfolio/e-portfolio: a collection of electronic evidence assembled, usually on the web.

E-portfolos are ways of storing a students’ work etc throughout their education and on into the workplace .

An e-portfolio can be a page, a glogster, or even a whole website.

The idea of an e-portfolio is that it should include representative samples (best really) of a student’s output, such as text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog  entries, and hyperlinks .

E-portfolios are both demonstrations of the user’s abilities and platforms for self-expression.


An e-portfolio can be seen as a type of learning record that provides actual evidence of achievement. The advantage is that students build these as they go along and take them forward from stage to stage – it’s a personal document. A key thing is that the students become accountable and also more responsible for their own evaluation of their growth .

Aside from the benefits to the student, an e-portfolio is also a great help for teachers/institutions who like to keep track on the progress of their students and can provide an efficient means to reinforce shared visions and commitments to its mission.


Here are some of the benefits:


  • » Showcase their achievements
  • » Collect and Reflect their work
  • » Share educational and work experience
  • » Create dynamic CV


Teachers / Institution

  • » Collect students’ works for Outcomes Assessment
  • » Generate reports
  • » Showcase Achievements


A major use of e-portfolios is for the assessment. The e-portfolio does not make the learning process easier especially if you aren’t a tech savvy, but it does make the whole process much more cost-effective. Plus it’s very friendly for our mother earth.

Many participants agree that on the idea of repository (e.g. posterous) and then another blog to be used as a showcase for best work, though surely your blog is a reflective diary – where E-portfolio is more a showcase of the best of what you do However E-Portfolio has to be maintained over the years to keep track on what has been done and how the progress are.

But of course it is only fair to say n everyone has the opportunity to create online works due to tech availability, willingness, skills, etc

Nevertheless E-Portfolio is a good material to showcase not only to certain community but also to the world of what you have done.


Some memorable tweets:


@esolcourses  Best advice I can offer to anyone considering using e-portfolios, is to agree outcomes first with everyone involved  #ELTChat

@Marisa_C: Well you all know what portfolios are – #ELTchat, so let’s talk about how they can become e- 🙂

@esolcourses: My understanding of e-portfolios is that they are an online body of work that can be used to supplement or replace paper-based mats #ELTChat

@Marisa_C: An e-portfolio can be a page, a glogster, a whole website #ELTchat

@tefltech: I think it’s important to remember who the student will show the portfolio to an for what purpose; job/uni etc? #eltchat

@ rliberni: They are ways of storing a students’ work etc throughout their education and on into the workplace #eltchat

Marisa_C: The idea of an e-portfolio is that it should include representative samples (best really) of a student’s output #ELTchat

@NikPeachey: I use http://t.co/8qewkJHJ a lot with trainee teachers. very easy as they just email in their wok and  formatting is done for them  #eltchat

@rliberni: The advantage is that ss build these as they go along and take them forward from stage to stage – it’s a personal document #eltchat

@grahamstanley: #eltchat problem being when idea launched, VLEs were used and now examples in the eportfolio literature are mainly dead links

@Marisa_C: An e- portfolio can be created within a wiki tho  #eltchat

@Marisa_C: I am encouraging teachers to use Ning or similar e,g. groups to turn their ‘page’ into their e-portfolio  #eltchat

@rliberni: A key thing is that the ss becomes accountable and also more responsible for their own evaluation of their growth #eltchat

@NikPeachey: Really, you can use any tool for e-portfolio -even .doc power is in encouraging reflection  #eltchat

@mmgrinberg: Sorry for my ignorance, but how’s an e-portfolio different from just a bunch of stuff online? Is there a set structure? #eltchat

@PrettyButWise: Can e-portfolios measure the progressing of the learner language ?#eltchat

@grahamstanley: problem using Moodle or any non learner-owned site for E-portfolio = when learner leaves your organisation #eltchat

@tefltech         : it comes back to who the Students will show it to and for what purpose.  We’re looking at helping Students build linkedin profiles as an E-portfolio #eltchat

@grahamstanley: I think eportfolio idea is a perfect opportunity to promote learner autonomy #eltchat

@mmgrinberg: Looks like I’m a bit stubborn today. Why is an e-portfolio better than a well-organized notebook + folder with files? #eltchat

@Marisa_C: I think it would be nice to try livebinders for an e-portfolio – I am practicing now #ELTchat

@cherrymp: if E-portfolio extends over years then it becomes dynamic #eltchat

@iTDipro: anyone ever tried using Facebook for Students portfolios? The new-ish closed list possibilities might make this feasible.  #eltchat

@grahamstanley: CEFR model is interesting to look at: eportfolio = 1) dossier (i.e. a repository) 2) passport 3) biography #eltchat

@grahamstanley: #eltchat another good tool to use for an eportfolio is a wiki – put all there and easily choose what you decide to showcase on front page


Some great resources:


With all these great links and great explanation, I believe that there’s a chance that  E-Portfolio can play an important role our education system. Thanks so much to the fabulous moderators; Shaun Wilden (@shaunwilden), Bernadette wall (@rliberni) and Marisa constantinides (@Marisa_C) for another great Wednesday and as always I’d like to end it with the tweet of the day:


@janetbianchini: I see Portfolios as a living embodiment of so’s work – almost like an eternally evolving CV in fact #ELTchat


See you guys next Wednesday!

Aza aza Fighting! ^_^





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  1. Ray Tolley says:

    Yes, some good points about the concept of ePortfolios but they can and should be used for so much more. For instance, teachers can not only “keep track of progress” but can also (through their professionality) see and understand much of the background of the student, ‘where they are coming from’, their problems and thus, in the context of the artefacts, can offer appropriate support or feedback.

    Another important function of an ePortfolio is that of peer-review and collaboration. We do not just learn from textbooks, the Internet or our teachers. Probably the best learning comes from understanding others’ points of view which either confirm or expand our own understandings.

    See http://www.efoliointheuk.blogspot.com for a lot more on this topic.

    Best Wishes,
    Ray T

  2. Hi Marisa and team,

    I liked your posting and wanted to let you know that I have referenced it and your fabulous ep case image for a webinar we’re doing this coming week.

    An invitation is extended to you to attend if the timing suits you. Details are here:

    All of our sessions are recorded and you may like to access the others available here:

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