Month: December 2011

A PLN for ELT Professionals

How much does taking part in webinars & workshops actually change ways of doing things in the classroom #ELTchat Summary 07/12/2011

This summary was contributed by Yitzha Sarwono @yitzhasarwono and is published here with her permission (and many thanks!)   A webinar, or web seminar, is a presentation, lecture , workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the web  with the internet as the ‘magic’ making it all happen. This means that no matter where you…
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A little Christmas Present from #ELTchat

My tree by @SueAnnan on #eltpics Seasons greetings #ELTchatters If you have come here looking to vote for this week’s chat, thank you, but we’re having a Christmas break and will be back on January 4, 2012.   But we have a lot of goodies for you in our #ELTChat Christmas Stocking! Our Podcasts are…
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How to Deal with Students who are about to fail #ELTchat Summary 03/12/2011

This is a summary of the #eltchat that took place at  12pm GMT on November 30 2011.   Dealing with Failure   Chatters from a range of backgrounds and contexts, business English classes, private language schools, universities, mainstream secondary and primary school, offered a variety of different perspectives on the topic and on evaluation and…
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The ELT teacher’s life cycle #ELTchat summary 14/12/2011

The ELT teacher’s life cycle: where are you and where should you be given qualifications & experiences; what can you do next? (an #eltchat summary)    Moderators: @Shaunwilden @Marisa_C @ShellTerrell   It was only my second time taking part in #eltchat at the 9pm session on 14th December 2011 (and I’m a first time summary writer)…
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Using corpora in our teaching: what is available and how can we best use it? – #ELTchat Summary

Using corpora in our teaching: what is available and how can we best use it? A quick word for the uninitiated! ELTChat is a twitter-based forum where keen ELTers meet on Wednesday morning and/or evening (depending on just HOW keen they are) and hotly debate a voted-for topic. After which, some kind (if misguided) soul…
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What would you like to talk about on #ELTchat on December 7, 2011?

It’s time to vote!!!    The highest polling suggestions from last week that were not chosen will automatically be added to this week’s poll but is there anything else that you think might make a good topic for Wednesday’s chat! Top choice will be discussed at 12.00 GMT & 2nd choice at21.00 GMT All times are…
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