January 2012 Challenge: Best Method for Organizing ELT Bookmarks

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January 2012 Challenge: Best Method for Organizing ELT Bookmarks


@tarabenwell: “PLN blog challenges are great too. Someone should be in charge of a monthly one. #eltchat.


Last night’s ELTchat (18.01.2012) was on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking for language teachers. As you can imagine given the chat takes place on twitter, most participants were able to list many advantages to be gained from social networking. However one disadvantage kept being raised.


@cerirhiannon @naomishema disadvantages 4 me is that it can be time-consuming & sometimes overwhelming (information overload!) #eltchat


So with information overload taking place it was natural that someone asked?


@Marisa_C @leoselivan  I  missed that one! How do we  save bookmarks in an organised fashion??Please tell!!#eltchat


Which in turn led to people listing ways to keep track of links, suggesting such things

    • Screencapture
    • Bookmarking
    • Evernote
    • Diigo
    • Scoop.it
    • Livebinders
    • Pinterest
    • Symbaloo
    • Google bookmarks
    • Google reader


For those that take part in #eltchat then you’ll know this is a pretty typical course of action – someone asks and then links are provided.  However obviously in the mood for a challenge, Tara threw down a gauntlet.


@tarabenwell: Okay, so next PLN blog challenge topic: Best  Method for Organizing #ELT Bookmarks! Choose 1 and demo #eltchat


So there you have it with the space of a few tweets, a blog challenge is born. Tara has given you until the end of January


Your challenge (should you choose to accept it), is to help our #eltchat community by suggesting, demoing and explaining the best way to keep track of bookmarks.


We look forward to your suggestions.

Blog posts written in response to this challenge