Month: April 2012

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What’s in your Essential Teacher’s Kit? #ELTchat Summary 25/04/2012

This summary was contributed by Chris Wilson and was first posted on his blog here where the tweets look much better! It is reproduced here with his kind permission.    What’s in your Essential Teacher’s Kit?   This Wednesday’s (25/04/2012) 12 pm chat topic was “what’s in your essential teachers kit” all the things you wouldn’t…
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How effective is Guided Discovery in the ELT classroom? Can it help promote learner autonomy?’ #ELTchat Summary 04/04/2012

This summary was contributed by Adam Beale and has been copied from his blog with his kind permission   Guided Discovery – Summary   So out of guilt, seeing as it was my proposal to talk about Guided Discovery, I volunteered to do the summary for the ELTchat that took place on April 4th. The…
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Demand-High Teaching – Summary of #Eltchat 28/03/2012

This #ELTchat took place at 12:00 P.M. GMT on 28/03/2012 and Jim Scrivener agreed to take part in this as a follow up to the issues he raised in his talk at IATEFL Glasgow. The chat started with Mr Scrivener sending a series of tweets to briefly outline the main points he raised in his…
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