Month: November 2012

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How to teach idiomatic expressions #ELTchat Summary 21/11/2012

This summary was hosted as a guest post on Lesley Cioccarelli’s blog and is reproduced here with her kind permission.   by Carolyn Kerr @KerrCarolyn “To teach or not to teach. That is the question, isn’t it?” When it comes to deciding what to teach and what to give a wide berth, idioms, inversions and even question…
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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday, November 28, 2012?

Time to Vote!         If you have an idea for a topic for Wednesday’s chat then leave it as a comment on the blog and we’ll include it in the poll once voting starts on Monday. The top choice in the poll will be discussed at 21.00 GMT and the 2nd choice…
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Tips for getting the most out of conferences – an #eltchat summary (14/11/12)

This summary was contributed by Yitzha Sarwono (@yitzhasarwono) and is published here with her permission (and many thanks!)   Nowadays the need for Personal Development has increased pretty rapidly. And that is why  conferences have become one of the main ways for people who are craving PD to develop themselves. Whether it’s a face to…
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If Teachers Talked Less…. #ELTchat Summary 31/10/2012

This post was first published on Sharon Noseley’s brand new blog!!! It is reproduced here with her kind permission  Welcome to the blogosphere, Sharon!!!  The full title of the #ELTchat was  “If teachers talked less wouldn’t students speak English more?”   Summary To launch my blog, I have shared a copy of the #ELTchat summary…
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How much is teaching a performance? The implications of keeping up appearances to maintain student satisfaction #ELTchat summary 31/10/2012

This summary was contributed by Sue Annan @sueannan  on her blog and is reposted here with her kind permission. Special thanks to her, as she did not take part in the chat itself but readily volunteered to write for us!!   There was an element of indecision about Wednesday 31st October’s lunchtime  #ELTchat. As the question setter was not present,…
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