Month: January 2013

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How are you going to grow this year? #ELTchat Summary 09/01/2013

This #ELTchat summary was contributed by Rose Bard and is reproduced here from her blog with her kind permission  _____________________________________________________ I’m so glad that I finally attended  #ELTChat and also happy because the topic is related to Professional Development (PD) as it has been actually closely related to one of my new year resolution – to learn…
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The Grammar Teachers Ought to Know and Often Don’t #ELTchat Summary 25/07/2012

This summary was written by Elizabeth Anne – @eannegrenoble on Twitter and is copied here from her blog with her kind permission   Summary Although our dear moderators did try to nudge us towards the specific grammar points implied in the title of this week’s ELTchat – no one would go there and this evening’s…
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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday January 16?

Please vote for this week’s chat. The top choice in the poll will be discussed at 21.00 GMT and the 2nd choice at 12.00 GMT.   Each week we alternate top and second choice.   How to Choose a Topic Before you propose a topic, do please check the summaries index on this blog or…
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#ELTchat Blogger Badges

For our #ELTchat Summary Writers!   Collect your #ELTchat Blogger Badge here. You may need the link to the image (right click on image and open in a new tab to get it) or the embed code to insert in a text widget on your blog – you can find this under each image.  …
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Is homework necessary/valuable? Tips and best practices for meaningful and motivating homework #ELTchat Summary 12/12/2012

  Sorry for handing my homework in late … ? This post is a summary of an ELT Chat on the topic of homework which took place on December 12 2012 at 1300 CET. The chat participants: Made with Having both suggested the topic and volunteered to write up the notes, I thought I’d better…
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