Month: March 2013

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The use of the students’ mother tongue in the classroom – pros, cons & best practices #ELTchat Summary 20/03/2013

  by Marjorie Rosenberg   To use or not to use? The question of whether or not to use L1 in the classroom is certainly not a new one as this ELT Chat showed clearly. Participants jumped in immediately with both opinions and classroom applications. @rosemerebard began by saying: Thanks Marisa, this is a very…
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Guessing words from context – is it a good thing? #ELTchat Summary 06/03/2013

Summary So welcome to this summary of the rather lively chat we had on the subject of guessing from context (GFC). The topic had a slow start but built up to a lively climax, going on even after the final bell.   Questions questions There were many questions asked like, is GFC a good thing? Do students need…
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How can teachers make the most out of an IWB in the classroom? #ELTchat Summary 27/02/2013

This post is a summary of an #ELTchat on the topic of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) which took place on February 27 at 21.00 GMT. You can read the original transcript here.   There’s a simmering controversy in the ELT world about the value of IWBs in the classroom. For some, IWBs can enhance language instruction and learning, while…
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What are the Differences between the ESL Classroom and the EFL Classroom?

The Topic: What are the Differences between the ESL Classroom and the EFL Classroom? Moderator @Shaunwilden led a few of us (@Tomtesol, @Bobk99, @esolcourses, and @JoeMcVeigh) to try to find a place to start into what we agreed was a rather dangerous minefield of assumptions and generalities.   For the most part, that’s where it stayed,…
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