Month: April 2013

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Using corpora in the classroom – an #ELTchat summary (6/3/13)

Screenshot of BNC home page –   This is a summary of an #ELTchat discussion which took place on 6 March 2013.   The full topic title was ‘Using corpora in the classroom – teachers and learners, tips, ideas, best practices’, and was proposed by @LizziePinard.  It takes quotes and opinions directly from the chat and generally…
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Six Abilities to be a Competent Teacher Part One – #ELTchat Summary 17/04/2013

The Six Abilities for Competent Teachers – an #eltchat summary Following a discussion between @ShaunWilden and @Marisa_C at IATEFL 2013 in Liverpool last week, some changes were made to the way we select topics for #eltchat, as explained here.  So, the chats on Wednesday 17th April were the first using the new procedure and, on this…
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