Month: May 2013

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The Power of Questions – #ELTchat summary 15/05/2013

The Power of Questions – #ELTchat summary Posted on May 21, 2013 by Katy Davies on her blog – reroduced here with her kind permission   This is a summary of an #ELTchat discussion which took place on 15th May 2013.   The inspiration for this chat came from an IATEFL workshop called ‘The Power of Questions’ by Margit Szesztay who spoke about…
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Topics for #ELTchat on May 22nd 2013

First Chat  – 12 P.M. BST   Second Chat 21 P.M. BST   Getting off that Intermediate Plateau; Classroom Ideas   It all started with this great slide presentation which got many #ELTchatters thinking about themselves reaching a plateau; how they often feel stuck and need to find ways to get out of it, whether…
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#ELTchat Summary – Motivation a la Hadfield and Mackay – 15/05/2013

30-second Summary    The 12.00 BST #ELTchat for the 15th May focused on IATEFL talks by Jill Hadfield and Jessica Mackay relating to motivation, and specifically the visualisation and realisation of the L2-self. Ideas: Ss visualise what they want their L2 selves to be in the future This helps focus on discrepancy between present and…
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Topics for #ELTchat on Wednesday May 15

Hello #ELTchatters,   As #ELTchat regulars are well aware of, in the last few weeks we have been trying a different way of choosing topics for our weekly chats, not because we wish to be less democratic, but the recent IATEFL conference has provided us with a wealth of stimulating ideas and conversations which all…
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Coursebook authors fight back #ELTchat Summary 01/05/2013

This is a summary of the 1200 PM BST #ELTchat held on May 5, 2013. The topic of the chat was inspired by two IATEFL sessions The ELTJ Debate (a debate about whether coursebooks reflect students’ lives and needs with Scott Thornbury vs Catherine Walters) and The decline and fall of coursebooks (a talk by Simon Greenall).   N.B.…
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Process Approach to Writing: Is it better than other approaches to teach writing skills to ESL Ss? #ELTchat Summary 27/03/2013

This is a summary of the 1200 PM GMT #ELTchat on the Process Approach to Writing held on March 27, 2013. It’s my first ELTchat summary and it’s come out looking like an extended and tortured reported speech exercise  I’m definitely not taking this route the next time round.  —————————————————- Definitions The chat kicked off with…
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Criteria for Evaluating Web-based tools -#ELTchat Summary 01/05/2013

May 1st ELTChat Summary: What are your criteria for evaluating web based tools? Summary contributed by Sue Annan – @sueannan on Twitter and first appeared on her blog The moderators of #ELTchat are still working their way through the wealth of material available from the video sessions of  IATEFLonline. This week was no exception and the discussion…
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Research in class: Doing it and using it to improve your teaching – an #ELTChat summary (20/03/13)

Thanks to the Secret DoS for the summary. Officially we were gathered to discuss how research in the classroom was done and how it was then used for the improvement of teaching. I’m not overly confident that we fulfilled this aim, but we didn’t wander too far off topic for the hour allotted to (by?)…
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From Teacher to Teacher Trainer – An #ELTchat Summary

A couple of weeks ago, the seemingly popular topic of moving from Teacher (T) to Teacher Trainer (TT) was hotly discussed by the #ELTchatters. Entering into a New Year means reflecting on our future dreams or ambitions. This topic was proposed by Sharon Noseley (@shaznosel) as she felt she needed to reach out to her fellow…
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