Lessons from Failure – an #ELTchat Blog Challenge

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Lessons from Failure – an #ELTchat Blog Challenge


At IATEFL Liverpool this year, there was special session where presenters were invited to come along and speak about the times in their life when things hadn’t gone as well as expected. The aim of the evening, as described on the IATEFL website was as follows:

This IATEFL Failure Fest will focus on innovation in language learning and teaching with short snappy presentations in which brave presenters reflect on what they’ve tried and hasn’t worked, and what we all might learn from the experience.


Alongside compare Ken Wilson, the seven special guests were Bethany Cagnol, Chia Suan Chong, Andy Cowie, Herbert Puchta, Jeremy Harmer, Rakesh Bhanot, Valeria Franca and Willy Cardoso, with some good #eltchat friends in the line-up.


You can watch the video of this event by clicking here.



Inspired by this event, we’d like you to share your teaching failure stories with us. You can write the stories on your blog, or we can post them for you here on the #eltchat website. Then, in a couple of weeks, we will discuss failure and what it means on an #eltchat discussion.


We’d like to know how you failed, what it felt like and what you learned from the experience. It’s something that every teacher will experience, and we can learn even more by reflecting on it afterwards. So join the #eltchat failure blog challenge and let’s share our failures together!


And just to prove, that we don’t just walk the walk, here’s #eltchat moderator James Taylor’s own failure story.


We can’t wait to read your stories!




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  1. I am posting the link to my blog post on my failures! Thank you!

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    Thanks for sharing my post! Here’s one more from me, also looks like failing to me..

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  5. I have written a post on my failures before I knew this challenge. Here it is: http://retnosofyaniek.blog.com/2013/04/13/teachers-learn-from-your-mistakes/. 🙂

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