Topics for #ELTchat on Wednesday May 15

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Topics for #ELTchat on Wednesday May 15

Hello #ELTchatters,


As #ELTchat regulars are well aware of, in the last few weeks we have been trying a different way of choosing topics for our weekly chats, not because we wish to be less democratic, but the recent IATEFL conference has provided us with a wealth of stimulating ideas and conversations which all three of us moderators felt would be a great idea to continue and develop with our PLN.

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This week’s topics


12 P.M. BST     Motivation

We are going to be discussing two talks  dealing with the same subject. Follow the links in the titles of the talks to watch the videotaped sessions from IATEFL

Jill Hadfield 

A vivid vision of their future L2 self is highly motivating for students. Vision alone is not enough however: this practical workshop, based on ideas in Motivation (Hadfield and Dornyei, 2013), will explore four ways to help students turn vision into reality: translating vision into goals; translating goals into plans; translating plans into strategies; and translating strategies into achievement.


Jessica Mackay

Recent publications on the nature of language learning motivation (Dornyei, 2005) emphasize the personal, intimate journey of the individual and the importance of affective factors such as emotions, vision and the power of the imagination. This talk will present some practical activities and techniques, such as positive visualization, which aim to help learners develop their own ‘ideal L2 self’.


21 P.M. BST     Teacher Questions

Follow the link  of the titles of the talk to watch the videotaped sessions from IATEFL –

the audio starts at approx. 05:00

The Power of Questions

margit szesztay

This workshop will demonstrate that it is important for teachers to think about the type of questions they routinely ask and the effect these have on the minds of their learners. We will explore ways of triggering creativity, encouraging reflection with teacher questions, and of getting students to formulate their own questions.


 Suggestions Welcome

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