Topics for #ELTchat on May 22nd 2013

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Topics for #ELTchat on May 22nd 2013

First Chat  – 12 P.M. BST   Second Chat 21 P.M. BST


Getting off that Intermediate Plateau;

Classroom Ideas


It all started with this great slide presentation which got many #ELTchatters thinking about themselves reaching a plateau; how they often feel stuck and need to find ways to get out of it, whether they feel stuck and unispired in their jobs, or following a course of study, such as a DELTA or MA and they have reached that dreaded stage!!!!

The Plateau Effect: Why People Get Stuck…and How to Break Through from ThePlateauEffect

Then this theme reminded us of Katy Davies’ presentation at IATEFL on the famous intermediate plateau.

Have a look at Katy’s prezi below and read Jo Sayer’s summary of her talk and Katy’s own blog post about it.


During this second #ELTchat, we hope to share ideas of how to approach teaching intermediate learners so we can get them off that intermediate plateau and help them become advanced learners!




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  1. Marisa says:

    The blog was down yesterday and has been somewhat unruly re saving and editing so apologies for whatever happens

    The Disabled Access Topic has been postponed for, hopefully, next week

  2. Marisa says:

    To anyone joining our 2nd #ELTchat this evening:

    Please have a look at this transcript if you can, so that we can cover other aspects of this interesting topic

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