Month: June 2013

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Topics for the 26th

Morning All, Here are the topics for for this wednesday’s  #eltchat. Continuing our recent trend of trying to choose topics related to blog posts, here are two that caught our eye and think will make for interesting discussions.   At 12 BST we’ll discuss: What can we do to speed up our students learning?, …
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Getting off the Intermediate Plateau – #ELT Chats Summary 22/05/2013

The summaries of both #ELTchats were written by Martin Sketchley – #ELTexperiences and were originally posted on his blog here: “Getting off the Intermediate Plateau”: ELT Chat Summary ELT Chat Summary: Part 1 A few weeks ago, 22 May 2013, ELT Chat discussed the topic about all things related to teaching the Intermediate learner.  However, this day was…
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Topics for June 19th

Hi Chatters, This week’s #eltchat topics are as follows: 12BST: What can teachers learn from good managers? There’s no set pre-chat reading for this one, we were listening to this podcast / radio programme and thinking about workplace collaboration – 21BST: Would you consider adopting an ELF approach to pronunciation in your classroom?…
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Exploiting Short Film and Video Clips – An #ELTchat summary 29/05/2013

Original post by Phil Longwell Exploiting Short Film and Video Clips – An #ELTchat summary This is a video summary, as requested, of the #ELTchat from 29 May 2013 on the subject of exploiting short film and video clips.  It is based on extracted quotes throughout the chat broadly based around the following five themes: 1) Reasons for…
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