Month: April 2014

A PLN for ELT Professionals

Sugata Mitra and the Future of Teaching – An #ELTchat Summary (09/04/14)

This summary was contributed by #ELTchat moderator James Taylor. You can follow James on Twitter at @theteacherjames and read his blog here.     On Saturday 5th of April at the IATEFL conference in Harrogate, Sugata Mitra delivered a plenary session that proved to be acclaimed and vilified at the same time. I was in…
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What would you like to talk about on 30/04 on #ELTchat?

Our next #ELTchat on Wednesday 30/04 at 21:00 p.m. BST   Time to Vote!!!   [polldaddy poll=8000855] Royalty free image from Every week, propose a topic, vote in our poll and join our #ELTchat! If you are proposing a topic, please make every effort to  join the chat if your topic  is chosen. Please also note…
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Learner Oriented Assessment – #ELTchat Summary 19/03/2014

This ELT 1200GMT chat took place on Wednesday 19th of March. It involved a lot of healthy discussion and ELT professionals sharing, adapting and evaluating a variety of ideas and approaches to assessment in ELT. Here’s a summary of what was said. Getting Started     Initially, the discussion was taken slightly in the wrong…
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What would you like to talk about on 16/04/14?

[polldaddy poll=7968184][polldaddy poll=7968184]Propose and join #ELTchat! Please bear in mind that if you are proposing a topic you should try and join the chat if it is chosen (though time zones can make that difficult). Please also note that the chat moderators do monitor the voting. Cases of block voting are followed up and, in such a…
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ELTChat is back 21.00 BST Wednesday

First of all, while we took a week off the clocks changed.   This means #eltchat is now at 20.00 GMT / 21.00 BST this week It was great to see so many #eltchatters at IATEFL, we hope everyone got home safely and are not suffering too much from post-conference blues Given the furore of…
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