#ELTchat joins hang out with Cambridge English Teacher expert

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#ELTchat joins hang out with Cambridge English Teacher expert

Announcing our first joint event with Cambridge!


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On Wednesday 21st January, we invite you to attend the first joint event organised by #ELTchat and Cambridge English Teacher – a live video Google+ Hangout with Nicky Hockly!


In case you don’t know, Cambridge English Teacher is the professional membership provided by Cambridge English, for teachers who want to develop their skills and abilities. Nicky Hockly is Director of Pedagogy at The Consultants-E. As a teacher trainer and author, she is a specialist in technology, and has written numerous books, articles and blogs on the subject.


What will happen


This event will not replace our regular #ELTchat on Twitter. The Hangout will be held at 12noon (UK time), and our #ELTchat will still take place as normal at 9pm (UK time) on the same topic.


Cambridge English Teacher has offered #ELTchat followers on Twitter and Facebook a great opportunity to connect and interact with expert Nicky Hockly. Nicky will be in the Hangout with one of the #ELTchat moderators and will lead a discussion around technology, as well as answering your direct questions!


How to participate


Google+ Hangouts lets you see Nicky and the moderator, although you yourself are not shown on video. You will be able to post your ideas or questions in text.


You will need a free Google+ account to interact in this way. If you don’t want to interact you can watch the Hangout without having an account via YouTube.

More announcements will be posted on this blog closer to the event, to invite you to submit topics related to the use of technology in the ELT classroom in the week before the 21st.



We look forward to seeing you at the event!



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