Month: March 2017

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Encouraging Self-Directed Learning #ELTchat Summary 22/03/2017

This summary was contributed by Rachel Appleby and was taken from her blog here            Participants:     @fwalkerbcn@fionaljp @rapple18 @EdTechTV@GlenysHanson @Nafooh1988@TESOLacademic@faleh_muhammad @Marisa_C  [@SueAnnan in the background; missed, thanks to technology …  @angelos_bollas ] [Image from]      This week’s topic was an area proposed by @ElleninEdmonton and @Nafooh1988       Preamble …  …
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Classroom Observations – how to use best to improve our teaching -Summary of #ELTchat on February 15th, 2017

This is a brief summary (mostly a glorified cleaned up transcript) of the #ELTchat on February 15th, 2017 Summary contributed by Mathew Noble on his blog – reproduced here with his kind permission or so we hope…. ~ : ~     The February 16th #ELTchat was on the topic “classroom observations and how we can…
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#ELTchat Summary The Best 2.0 Tools for Speaking Skills on 15 March 2017

Fiona Price, or @fionaljp on Twitter summarised and displayed the apps and tools mentioned in this talk very creatively!!!   Our mission was to explore the best tools for developing speaking skills and here are examples of what was mentioned along with some of the key tweets! Thank you FIona! Introduction with Tellagami  A very…
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Topics for #ELTchat in March 2017

Hello #ELTchatters!   If you haven’t read the announcement of some changes to how we choose topics for #ELTchat, have a look at my previous post.   Here are all the topics we covered in March 2017 and a small intro for each one reminding #ELTchat users of some of the related posts.   This months…
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#ELTchat DJ/Moderator of the month!!!

Dear #ELTchat friends and afficionados,   For some time now, it has been difficult to solicit a sufficient number of topics each week to merit a poll. We have a long tradition of involving #ELTchat followers in the selection and voting of the topic to be discussed each week, but of late, we have not…
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