#ELTchat topic playlist for November 2017!

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#ELTchat topic playlist for November 2017!

Hello #ELTchatters!

If you haven’t read the announcement of some changes to how we choose topics for #ELTchat, have a look at a previous post. 

Here, I will be posting the topics we will cover in following chats.


Please, keep suggesting topics on the #ELTchat topics submission form 

1/11: Writing your first conference proposal: Dos and Don’ts

This topic was suggested by @sanchiadanielle – Experienced conference speakers, members of proposal committees, and colleagues who are thinking of putting together an abstract or a speakers proposal for an upcoming conference are all welcome to attend 🙂



8/11: The ideal staffroom


Why are staffroom important places for teachers? How can we make them better? Is there an ideal staffroom? Join this chat and let’s explore the role of the staffroom in our development.




15/11: Blogging for teachers 101 




Blogging is a great tool for professional development. Novice teachers feel intimidated by it though. Where should they start? What should/shouldn’t they do? Come and share your experiences with them 🙂



22/11: Integrating virtual reality into ELT



Like many of you, I do not know much on this topic. If you are an expert – and there are many of you out there, come and share your experiences. Let’s explore how we can use virtual reality to enhance our learners’ experience.





29/11: Learning Grammar vs Teaching Grammar



How did you learn grammar? Did you learn it explicitly, using grammatical terminology? What approach did your teacher or your textbook(or book) adopt? Did you in fact have a teacher, or did you learn by a more natural method? Did you enjoy learning grammar, or otherwise? How does your learning experience relate to the way you teach grammar yourself?


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Please, keep suggesting topics on the #ELTchat topics submission form !

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