#ELTchat Playlist for January 2019

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#ELTchat Playlist for January 2019

Hello everyone and Happy New Year from #ELTchat

The #ELTchat hashtag is now well in its 8th year!!!

Our call for topics has generated some great ideas amongst our members and here are some of them below!

  1. @haannaahmac suggested the topic “Learner autonomy for adults (tips and tricks)” which sounds very interesting although we have so far looked at the topic of autonomy from a variety of angles and have done at least four more chats on aspects of learner autonomy.

Still, it’s always a topic of interest in any learning situation.

2. @malmohamady80 Suggested “motivation and engagement” but changed it to “Student Engagement” when I mentioned how many times we have talked about motivation, Motivation may not necessarily result in student engagement, so what are some great ways of engaging our learners?

3. Irina Babaskina suggested “Elementary teenage learners reading authentic Harry Potter books: mission possible.” We did recently hold a chat on teaching via literary texts but this one looks a bit like a specific project… we may have to put this on ice for a few weeks.

4. @TonyP_ELT suggested “Learner Differentiation Strategies in the Classroom”, another very popular subject with at least two chats held recently!

5. @philipmerasmus suggested not one but four topics!!

  • Reducing the affective filter;  
  • Teaching the learning of lexis;
  • The lexical approach;
  • Knowing our learners and helping them know themselves as learners;

Which one shall we do today? There is a great variety and some are familiar, some less familiar topics.

A lot of good topics for the rest of the month and for February as well!!!

Topis for January 

January 9 #ELTchat

As this month’s DJ, I will first go with student engagement – how can we keep our students engaged?  Is motivation enough? 

photo by @Marica_C

January 16  #ELTchat

This Wednesday we will go with the topic suggested by @philipmerasmus

Lowering the affective filter 

What do you do to improve rapport, reduce anxiety and put your learners in a mood that promotes trust, learning readiness, motivation and engagement?

See you all at 19.00 UK time on Twitter – type #ELTchat in the search box and save that search!!! 

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