What about some new #ELTchat topics? We need your bright ideas.

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What about some new #ELTchat topics? We need your bright ideas.

Welcome back to all friends and followers of #ELTchat

Just before our summer break, Sue and Fiona ran a great brainstorming #ELTchat where a lot of topics were suggested

Here are a few which you might be interested in 

Young Learners

One thread was suggestions on topics related to young learners – we haven’t had too many of those and yet many of you do teach them!

Here are a couple of great ideas from @eltplanning and @ELTExperiences:


Topics Related to the use of tech in the classroom

And I grabbed the opportunity to invite Shelly to moderate that #ELTchat if it happens!

TEFL and mainstream education

Shelly’s idea of graphic organisers fits in here as well as other colleagues suggestions to talk about differentiation and teaching mixed levels of ability,

In any case – here is a link to that particular transcript – click here to read it and suggest some topics yourself for a new season, our 10th!!!!, of #ELTchat.

See you on Wednesday at 19.00 UK time!  For one hour of fast talk followed by 23 hours of slow leisurely comments in #slowburn mode!