Pause button for #ELTchat

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Pause button for #ELTchat

Dear #ELTchat folk,

Shall we come back or let go? 

We noticed how participation dropped in recent months and, coupled with us getting busier and busier, out of sheer disappointment, we decided to press the pause button.

It’s taken us a while to recover and we are still not fully recovered but the COVID19 pandemic has shown us that now, more than ever, teacher folk need to talk to one another about our problems.

But it was 10 glorious years for the development of hundreds of teachers – and ours as well, by ‘ours’ I mean us, the moderators.

We  received so many gifts from #ELTchat, it’s difficult to list them all!

Here are photos of the moderators who made #ELTchat happen for 10 years and who got us to the finals of an almost-won ELTons award… almost 🙂

One of the earliest video tutorials of Twitter for teachers was created by one of our first moderators, Jason Renshaw, known best by his Twitter handle, @englishraven. 

Have saved a copy, not so much out of nostalgia, just as a small slice of evidence of how the #ELTchat Twitter community was  ahead in terms of using edtech and how we were all more or less  reasonably well-prepared for dealing with online learning. 


Twitter for beginners – Jason’s tutorial from 2011

A lot of time has passed since then, but our summaries page still remains a rich source of ideas for many colleagues.

Should we continue? A big question – we want to but we need help so if you are interested in getting involved and becoming the new #ELTchat moderators, contributors, bloggers or chatters, let us know in a comment below!