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#ELTchat Summary Wednesday 13 March 2019 Project-based Learning

from Teachthough blog post “13 Brilliant Outcomes Of Project-Based Learning” Participants @Marisa_C @SueAnnan @fionaljp @JonjoTESOL @Michael37093679 @ClareBurke_ELT @patrickelt What is Project-Based Learning (PBL)? @jonjoTESOL and @fionaljp started the chat by deciding a good place to start would be with a definition. @fionaljp tweeted a link to a post by Katherine Bilsborough on the British Council…
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What about some new #ELTchat topics? We need your bright ideas.

Welcome back to all friends and followers of #ELTchat Just before our summer break, Sue and Fiona ran a great brainstorming #ELTchat where a lot of topics were suggested Here are a few which you might be interested in  Young Learners One thread was suggestions on topics related to young learners – we haven’t had…
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To what extent is teaching just about personality? #ELTchat Summary for 27/03/2019

A collaborative summary written by trainee teachers at Université Grenoble Alpes DU Formation des formateurs programme This is the second time that trainee teachers from the Université Grenoble Alpes joined the #ELTchat. This time they also participated in the topic suggestion and voting process. Ten out of fourteen trainees attended the discussion and contributed to…
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Coming soon… Guest #ELTchat moderators in May!

We are really looking forward to hosting guest #ELTchat moderators in May. We are delighted to announce a series of #ELTchats in with some great guest moderators Read on to find out about the topics and guest moderators who will be joining the #ELTchat team! Hope you can join us! 

Small Talk Across the Globe Map

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#ELTchat topic ideas after the 2019 IATEFL Conference

#ELTchat is always inspired by the annual IATEFL Conference and one of the questions often reviewed at the conference is about the future of ELT. What will the future of ELT be like?  In 2013, Jun Liu told us that teachers in the future should 1) make constant and effective changes in their teaching practices…
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Project Based Learning – summary of #ELTchat in June 2018

The summary was written by Khalil Zakari – @kzakari on Twitter – and is reproduced here with his kind permission Introduction “Project-Based Learning” deservingly got the top vote on suggested topics list (June, 11th, 2018) @ELTchat. The chat started with a series of suggested tentative definitions of and thought-provoking questions about PBL as a formative…
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#ELTchat Playlist for January 2019

Hello everyone and Happy New Year from #ELTchat The #ELTchat hashtag is now well in its 8th year!!! Our call for topics has generated some great ideas amongst our members and here are some of them below! @haannaahmac suggested the topic “Learner autonomy for adults (tips and tricks)” which sounds very interesting although we have…
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#ELTChat for Wednesday 28th November How can you be sure your teaching is relevant and up-to-date? Can we trust the coursebook?

Here is our topic Wednesday 28th November     Join us for #ELTChat on twitter on Wednesday at 7pm GMT and share your thoughts. How do you know that what you are teaching in class is still up-to-date and relevant?   Can we trust the coursebook?     How to take part in the chat  …
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Native and Non-Native Speaker Teachers an #ELTchat Summary 30/05/2018

This summary is posted rather late, possibly because it was in a new format which we tried to figure what to do with – but eventually we thought about it and decided why not post as is. After all, #ELTchat is responsive to its member requests and comments on what topic of ELT to cover,…
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