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Lessons from Failure – an #ELTchat Blog Challenge

At IATEFL Liverpool this year, there was special session where presenters were invited to come along and speak about the times in their life when things hadn’t gone as well as expected. The aim of the evening, as described on the IATEFL website was as follows: This IATEFL Failure Fest will focus on innovation in language…
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May Challenge: My Learning English Journey

May Challenge: My Learning English Journey by Tara Benwell It’s time for a NEW #ELTChat PLN blog challenge. This month’s challenge was inspired by Beyza Yılmaz – alias @beyza on Twitter and suggested by Tara Benwell – @tarabenwell – who also provided us with the text for this post. Beyza is an EFL instructor and…
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January 2012 Challenge: Best Method for Organizing ELT Bookmarks

@tarabenwell: “PLN blog challenges are great too. Someone should be in charge of a monthly one. #eltchat.   Last night’s ELTchat (18.01.2012) was on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking for language teachers. As you can imagine given the chat takes place on twitter, most participants were able to list many advantages to be gained from…
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