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A PLN for ELT Professionals

A Seasonal Gift from ELTchat!

  Here’s a special seasonal gift from the #eltchat team – a new podcast featuring Leo Selivan paying tribute to Dave Willis, Sue Annan, and Alex Grevett. Happy holidays from the #ELTchat team! For more information about how to subscribe to the podcast, click here.

#ELTchat podcast – an update

This is just a quick update for those of you who were wondering what happened to the podcast. At the moment I (James) am moving countries so I’m without my computer for a bit, but as soon as I am reunited with it the podcast will be back. In the meantime, I’ll be uploading some…
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#ELTchat Podcast January 2012

Here is our January podcast put together by James Taylor – @theTeacherJames , with the help of  Sandy Millin – @sandymillin – and Vicky Loras – @vickyloras.   In this January edition you will hear:   Sandy Millin‘s Round Up of #ELTchats for this pas month Barbara Sakamoto #ELTchat Moderator on promoting #ELTchat  during JALT 2011…
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A little Christmas Present from #ELTchat

My tree by @SueAnnan on #eltpics Seasons greetings #ELTchatters If you have come here looking to vote for this week’s chat, thank you, but we’re having a Christmas break and will be back on January 4, 2012.   But we have a lot of goodies for you in our #ELTChat Christmas Stocking! Our Podcasts are…
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ELTchat Review – Fluency and Teaching Qualifications

This week we look at the importance of fluency in the classroom – where does it come in and how should we approach it.  Vytheeshwaran gave us some feedback from India on the session and Guido in Spain added his views.  In the second session, Graham Stanley talked to us about teaching qualifications and gave…
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The Lindsay Clandfield Interview

For our very first ELTchat Podcast Special, we’re very pleased to welcome Lindsay Clandfield who took time out from his busy schedule while attending the ELTAM Conference in Macedonia to give us an exclusive interview.   Lindsay gives us an insight into his new work, Global, and takes on journey through his views on blogging,…
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ELTchat Review – Traditional Approaches and Social Media

This week’s ELTchat took in both the old and the new – we looked at traditional approaches to teaching and asked if they have all been superseeded, and we looked at the (relatively) new phenomena of social media and looked at its role in the classroom. The session on traditional approaches showed that people have…
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ELTchat Review – Teaching Grammar and Culture

This week sees the introduction of a new feature to the podcast.  We are reporting from the ELTAM conference in Macedonia and will in future include reports from as many conferences as we can.  If you are attending a conference and would like to record a short piece then get in contact with us at…
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ELTchat Review – Personal Development and Discipline

This week saw two very popular themes being discussed on #ELTchat.  Although discipline tends to be regarded as a topic in the secondary system, issues are not unknown in adult teaching.  Greta Sandler joined us from Argentina to review the session.   Our Blog post of the Week is the intriguingly-titled “bona to vada your…
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ELTchat Review – Pronunciation and Dogme

It was a great week for #ELTchat with an absolute flood of ideas, thought and view during both of the chat sessions.  We asked Richard, a new participant in ELTchat for his views on the pronunciation session and he obliged with some insightful comments and ideas. Vicky Loras kindly took the time to review the…
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