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Freer Practice: Ways of Getting Ss to Use Target Language – an #ELTchat Summary 16/10/2013

This is the summary of the #eltchat on October 16th, 2013 and was written by Rachel Appleby  –  @rapple18  Full title Freer practice: Ways of really getting sts to use TL (vocab, grammar, phrases) in tasks / exercises, and/as a means of showing visible progress (Sp, Wr) Getting students to talk – really communicate with each…
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The Grammar Teachers Ought to Know and Often Don’t #ELTchat Summary 25/07/2012

This summary was written by Elizabeth Anne – @eannegrenoble on Twitter and is copied here from her blog with her kind permission   Summary Although our dear moderators did try to nudge us towards the specific grammar points implied in the title of this week’s ELTchat – no one would go there and this evening’s…
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How to help students remember and reuse functional language #ELTchat Summary 01/02/2012

This is a summary of the #eltchat which took place at 12noon GMT on Wednesday 1st February, 2012.  Thanks to Andrea Wade, alias @worldteacher for posting it on her blog World Teacher and giving us permission to repost here.  Summary – Remembering & Reusing Functional Language I was joining the chat for the first time since…
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Non Native English Speaker Teachers and their insecurities about teaching a language which is not their mother tongue #ELTchat summary 27/04/2011

On 27 April at 9pm BST, #ELTchat tackled the topic ‘Non-native teachers of English and their insecurities about teaching a language that is not their mother tongue!’ This was the favourite topic this #ELTchat with 36% of the vote. This summary was first posted on Mike Harrison’s blog – @harrisonmike on Twitter – and it is reproduced…
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ELTchat Review – Teaching Grammar and Culture

This week sees the introduction of a new feature to the podcast.  We are reporting from the ELTAM conference in Macedonia and will in future include reports from as many conferences as we can.  If you are attending a conference and would like to record a short piece then get in contact with us at…
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