ELTchat review – online teaching and oral correction

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ELTchat review – online teaching and oral correction

So after a few embarrassing delays, the podcast has appeared.  In future we’ll get it out much faster!  In addition, it will be available on i’Tunes.  If you’d be willing to give a short interview on #ELTchat for future podcasts then please get in touch with us on Twitter.This is a good place to continue the discussions which start on Twitter.  You have the chance to add to the debate and expand on ideas first posted in the chat sessions.  We look forward to your comments.


This week we looked at error correction and the future of online teaching.  Shelly interviewed Paul Braddock, Shaun Wilden and Beth Cagnol and got some great feedback.


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  1. Andy,

    You’re a podcast genius! This was totally worth the wait! Can’t wait to received these via my Iphone! Absolutely brilliant production my friend! Your voice made for podcasting!

    Thank you Shaun, Bethany, and Paul for your great insights! I know I threw some surprise questions at you! 🙂

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  5. Wow. Impressive podcast! Wish I hadn’t been suffering from a major head cold during the interview, but you guys have put together an amazing professional development tool for teachers! Keep up the good work! Look forward to listening in next week!

  6. What great subjects, what a great idea! I have put the next ELTchat(s) on my calendar and really hope to participate this week.

    The error correction subject interests me as I am trying to take a low-key correction approach (as in little correction or only focused correction) but have students in a few classes who are jumping in and correcting others in what I find to be a somewhat discouraging manner…especially in the French cultural context…so this may be an issue that I have to deal with head on in a discussion in these classes.

    ( In Language 1 or in English? Yes I am really looking forward to the chat this week 🙂 )

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