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How important is Creativity in the Classroom? #ELTchat Summary 10/10/2012

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who chose this topic…my topic  I have regularly suggested topic over the last year or so but this was the first one that people actually selected (and as the first choice) so thank you very much. Right on with the summary. This choice was inspired by two articles…
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The Next Big Thing – what is it? Is ELT becoming a fad-driven profession #ELTchat Summary 20/06/2012

Fads, trends and robots taking over the world!  This is a summary of the #eltchat held at 12noon BST on Wednesday 20th June, 2012.  The full title of the chat was:   ‘The Next Big Thing – what is it?  Is ELT becoming a fad-driven profession?’ I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly inspired…
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Do ELT Publishers have too much influence or do they lag behind the times? #ELTchat Summary 16/05/2012

This summary was contributed by Michael Griffin and first appeared on his blog ELT Rants, Reviews & Reflections. It is reproduced here with his kind permission.   The Summary  The lively and, dare I say inspiring, chat took place on May 16th, 2012 at 12:00 pm BST and was expertly moderated by @rliberni, @Shaunwilden, and @Marisa_C. The question we…
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The future of publishing in ELT for teachers and students: #ELTchat Summary 22/02/2012

The future of publishing in ELT for teachers & students: a summary of our #ELTchat Last Wednesday (22/02) during the second #ELTchat of the day, the topic under discussion was: The future of publishing in the ELT industry for teachers and students. The chat was fast-paced and whilst it was ongoing I had the feeling we were…
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ELTchat Review – Using Coursebooks and Critical Thinking

This week was a cracking #ELTchat, and rather than just review it, we asked some of the contributors to expand on the views they posted during the sessions.  Joe McVeigh gave us a fascinating insight to the thinking of the materials designer and Tara Benwell from @ESLlibrary joined Shelly to expand on her thoughts regarding coursebooks.  Henrick…
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