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How to survive, and make the most of, your DELTA or similar course #ELTchat Summary 15/02/2013

On the 15/02/2013 teachers from across the world met to discuss my suggested topic “How to survive and make the most of your DELTA (or similar course)” A topic I had chosen as I am about to start my DELTA (having been persuaded on a previous #ELTChat) and having seen Sandy Millin reflect on her issues and struggles on her…
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Is an MA TESOL a good investment or an expensive luxury? #ELTCHAT summary 24/08/11

This summary was contributed by Ty Kendall – @TyKendall (Twitter) and was originally posted on his blog and reproduced here with his permission. Thank you Ty!    Chat topic: Is an MA in TESOL a good investment or an expensive luxury?   After the false start caused by the previous week’s twitter/tweetdeck technical problems, we were finally…
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ELTchat Review – Fluency and Teaching Qualifications

This week we look at the importance of fluency in the classroom – where does it come in and how should we approach it.  Vytheeshwaran gave us some feedback from India on the session and Guido in Spain added his views.  In the second session, Graham Stanley talked to us about teaching qualifications and gave…
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