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Using songs in the EFL/ESL classroom – #ELTchat summary 12/01/2011

Here is an additional summary for the songs topic contributed by @fionamau – you may enjoy reading this one as she has included the IDs of those who suggested ideas or commented, so this one is a much more personal account! Many thanks for this! Using songs in the EFL/ESL classroom, or Rockband as a…
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Convincing colleagues that online professional development (PD) is as effective as face-to-face – summary for #ELTchat 06/01/2011

Chat summary contributed by Sandy Millin Tell them about all the amazing people you meet / blogs you read / ideas you get / fun you have. Highlight how much you can learn in how little time. A big problem is where to start: blogs may be less overwhelming than Twitter. Show them a sample…
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Principles when preparing your own teaching materials – a summary

For today’s chats, we were fortunate to have had one of our fellow #ELTchatters offer to write a summary of the main points from the transcripts. I suggested this as there were quite a few new followers who mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to follow the transcript – there are so many retweets, it’s…
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