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Coming soon… Guest #ELTchat moderators in May!

We are really looking forward to hosting guest #ELTchat moderators in May. We are delighted to announce a series of #ELTchats in with some great guest moderators Read on to find out about the topics and guest moderators who will be joining the #ELTchat team! Hope you can join us! 

What, deep down, motivates our learners? How can teachers connect with what truly matters to them? #ELTchat Summary 10/12/2014

by Marjorie Rosenberg   This lively chat got off to a roaring start as elt chatters commented on what motivation is and the different types that show up in the classroom. These continued throughout the chat although other topics came up in the meantime. These were that were at the beginning of the chat.  …
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Dave Willis – Commemorative #ELTchat on October 30, 2103

In honour of Dave Willis>>>>>>>>> An #ELTchat on  Task Based Learning, Lexical Syllabuses, the Lexical Approach    The news of Dave Willis’ passing away hit the ELT community yesterday via messages received from IATEFL and from friends on Facebook and Twitter   More and more people kept posting and sharing their thoughts about Dave Willis’…
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The use of the students’ mother tongue in the classroom – pros, cons & best practices #ELTchat Summary 20/03/2013

  by Marjorie Rosenberg   To use or not to use? The question of whether or not to use L1 in the classroom is certainly not a new one as this ELT Chat showed clearly. Participants jumped in immediately with both opinions and classroom applications. @rosemerebard began by saying: Thanks Marisa, this is a very…
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The Silent Way, Suggestopaedia, TPR and other ‘designer’ methods: what are they and what can we learn from them? #ELTchat Summary 12/09/2012

  In the 70s there was a positive rush of so-called designer methods for learning language. The first part of our #ELTChat on 12th September 2012 at 12pm was mainly concerned with clarifying exactly what some of these methods involved. For the sake of clarity I have prepared a brief overview of what I understand about…
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Is CLIL the latest bandwagon and should we be wary of jumping on? #ELTCHAT summary 13/04/2011

Ty is   @TyKendall on Twitter and this summary was first posted on his blog “Not another teaching Blog“ Summary   Perhaps one of the more unusual ELT chats in that nobody seemed to agree on anything, we were unable to reach a consensus on a satisfactory conceptual definition and the effects of IATEFL were felt…
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