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How to survive, and make the most of, your DELTA or similar course #ELTchat Summary 15/02/2013

On the 15/02/2013 teachers from across the world met to discuss my suggested topic “How to survive and make the most of your DELTA (or similar course)” A topic I had chosen as I am about to start my DELTA (having been persuaded on a previous #ELTChat) and having seen Sandy Millin reflect on her issues and struggles on her…
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Is an MA TESOL a good investment or an expensive luxury? #ELTCHAT summary 24/08/11

This summary was contributed by Ty Kendall – @TyKendall (Twitter) and was originally posted on his blog and reproduced here with his permission. Thank you Ty!    Chat topic: Is an MA in TESOL a good investment or an expensive luxury?   After the false start caused by the previous week’s twitter/tweetdeck technical problems, we were finally…
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